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Welcome to our KPS Senior School blog. This blog is the result of the Year 6 Paparazzi Action Team of 2014 proposing this initiative in term 1. This started by them conducting their own survey into whether or not other senior school students at KPS wanted to have a senior school blog. An important component of this blog also involved the action team researching into the sort of content students wished to have displayed.

It is their hope this blog will be continued by future student action teams and their own way they are leaving KPS in a better place than when they arrived.

We hope you enjoy our blog. Feel free to follow and leave comments.

Year 6 Paparazzi Action Team

Andrew Wood-Year 6 Teacher and Action Team Facilitator.


Marsh, Sally

Sally teaches 501.

Sally didn’t really know why she wanted to do teaching, but she wanted to be a teacher as she was growing up so she became one.

Sally’s best two things about teaching are the impact that she makes and the fact that everyday is interesting and exciting.

Sally thinks teaching is the best job ever because she likes learning all the new things especially technology.

Morgan, Leah

Leah loves the exciting things she gets to do and sharing  the fun of learning new things.

Leah loves being surprised by the brilliant and fun things all her students do and say!

Leah loves teaching and can’t imagine being in another job where she gets to have so much fun.

Leah was the first person born in her family in Australia also her family is from New Zealand.

Williams, Clio

Clio teaches 503

Clio started teaching because she loves learning and being among others who want to learn. So teaching was the perfect job for her.

Clio’s favourite part about teaching is when students surprise her and themselves by how successful they were at a task.

Clio loves reading and getting recommendations from students.

Clio is from Australia and enjoys living here.


Hopkins, Jacki

Jacki teaches 602

I enjoyed primary school myself – the variety of so many different things going on every day, the colour, the fun and community spirit. I also get a lot of satisfaction out of helping people and teaching is a perfect career for that.

I get a lot of satisfaction out of helping people make their life better, feel more successful, happier and in turn the world a better place to be!

Yes, I love the variety, the colour, the fun and community spirit each new day brings.

No, I am Aussie born and bred.

I love spending every day with, and am very proud of each one of the beautiful children in my class. Everyone of them is delightfully unique and strives to learn and improve themselves and their life. It is evident in the young people they are becoming as they prepare for the challenges of high school. And it makes me enjoy coming to Kew PS to work each day.


Wood, Andrew  Ware, Shelley

Andrew started teaching because he loved seeing kids growing in their learning and becoming an inspiration.

One of Andrew’s favourite parts of teaching is when children he has taught come back and thank him for teaching them. 

Andrew is from New Zealand but loves being in Australia and teaching.

Andrew thinks that 603 have very talented people and are always striving to look after each other. They also display the C.A.R.E values.


14 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I love it!! Great work paparazzi on organising the senior school blog. Can not wait to see more about what’s happening and to see the work people have done.
    Love it!!!


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